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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Cornelia Gilbert, Life Coach Helps Release Obstacles and Overcome Challenges

Cornelia Gilbert Certified Life Coach Indian Harbour Beach FL

Cornelia Gilbert is pleased to announce her services as a Certified Life Coach. She combines classical coaching with an interdisciplinary approach and works intuitively. She has been supporting clients in Europe and the U.S. from various backgrounds for over 15 years.

Her passion is to serve by providing guidance with integrated methods, strengthening self-healing mechanisms, providing support during challenging times of anxiety, conflict, grief, or lack of joy in life. Cornelia creates a safe atmosphere for learning to manage inner conflicts, exploring unhealthy boundaries, or unlocking self-limiting beliefs. She incorporates breath work, guided imagery, therapeutic metaphors, and positive affirmations into her sessions.

Gilbert has found the spiritual connection is of undeniable importance for the individual healing process. She believes that other important components for happiness include, being true and authentic to ourselves. This can be achieved through awareness, self-love, compassion, and acceptance towards every aspect of our being.

Gilbert is a dedicated student of spiritual practices. She offers online and in person sessions and will soon have on-going groups and workshops. Call 321-504-8188 for your free 30-minute consultation.