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5 Tips to Brush Little Teeth

Jun 02, 2021 01:53PM ● By Claire Stagg, DDS

Parents of small children often ask, “When should my child visit the dentist?” The typical answer is, “When they have teeth.” However, home care and proper dental care starts long before the teeth come in.


Many factors play a role early on that are crucial to the quality, and sometimes quantity, of teeth that the child will develop. The mental and physical constitution of the parents play a role pre-pregnancy. The mother’s diet and sleeping habits impact development during pregnancy. And the birthing process, as well as the infant’s ability to latch on for breast feeding, can also impact oral development.


Thereafter, it’s important to avoid plaque depositing and sticking on the teeth that can lead to decay. Here are a few important steps to prevent this from happening.


1.     Use wash cloths. In very early childhood, use wash cloths after each meal, no matter how small, to wipe away deposits in the child’s mouth. Parents can use little fingercot brushes with some xylitol gel to help avoid decay.


2.     Use very soft, brushes to clean teeth. Choosing a soft brush is best because the bristles will easily mold around all the surfaces of the teeth.


3.     Make it fun. As the child grows older, a little dye is helpful for them to “see” their plaque. Disclosing tablets can make it easy to identify plaque and fun to eliminate the “sugar bugs.”


4.     Floss sooner rather than later. Once a child develops some finger dexterity, flossing can be introduced. This allows the child to “brush” between the teeth. Some parents find that doing it for, then with them, helps to introduce the habit sooner.


5.     Be efficient with irrigation. Irrigation with high-pressure water can be used before flossing and brushing to flush out food particles and other debris. A water pick or similar device can reduce the amount of work and time spent in the bathroom.


Claire Stagg, DDS, is the author of the children’s book Captain IFBI, which introduces young children to the importance of dental care. Dedicated copies of Captain IFBI will be available at Smile Professionals , 2120 Highway A1A, Indian Harbour Beach. . 321-777-2797. The book can also be ordered on SmileProfessionals.comAmazon or from Ingram Sparks.


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