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Free E-book Explores the Power of Healing Energy with Dr. Mary Jane Ward

Mary Jane Ward, D.C., is pleased to offer the free e-book, Healing Energy: The Mind Body Link A Spirit Filled Journey. Dr. Ward encourages the reader to open their mind to the possibilities of energy healing with personal stories challenging them to step out of their comfort zone. She brings science-based evidence, including diagnostic results and published studies, to the power of energy healing.

According to Dr. Ward, energy healing is the clearing, unblocking, removal, connection restoration, harmonizing and/or balancing of interference(s) of that which animates us so that full capacity whole functioning can be reinstated.

Dr. Ward explores the connection between beliefs, values and healthy behaviors. “Healing Energy is a practice that can aid in establishing harmony and balance where conflict resided. From that space, healthy decision making and problem solving can follow,” says Dr. Ward.

To receive a free copy of the e-book Healing Energy: The Mind Body Link A Spirit Filled Journey, email [email protected]. For more information and appointments, call 321-453-7005.