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Nurturing the Soul with Nature

Apr 30, 2021 05:26PM ● By Kris Urquhart
Kris Urquhart, Publisher Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast

I’ve always enjoyed morning walks around my community as a great way to start the day. During the last year, having this time outdoors has become more than exercise – it is a chance to get out of the house. Recently, I discovered a path that meandered through a span of trees that provided shade and the smells and sounds of nature. It was a brief respite, but I found myself anticipating my morning return to this little haven. My husband, who is now working from home, decided to join me. We sought out nature trails that could turn our walks into interesting hikes. Now instead of just having a few minutes immersed in nature, the entire experience includes nature’s sights and sounds. 


“Taking a brisk daily walk in nature with a friend or dog lowers four factors linked to depression: a “nature deficit”, physical inactivity, low vitamin-D levels and isolation,” says Ronica O’Hara in our feature article, Integrative Women’s Wellness: Five Top Health Concerns and What to Do. I can attest to the mood-lifting impact of walking in nature. We come home refreshed and ready to tackle the day.


This month we examine Women’s Health, and this issue is jam-packed with inspiration. In our feature article we share preventative strategies, as well as medical advances and new research for the top five health concerns for women. Discover how to create a homeopathy first-aid kit for the family [Homeopathy to the Rescue: Create a Family First-Aid Kit]. Embrace your natural mama vibe and explore holistic approaches to a healthy pregnancy [Natural Mama: Holistic Approaches to a Healthy Pregnancy]. Find homemade baby food tips and easy DIY recipes for tiny tummies [ Baby Bites: Healthy Homemade Food for Tiny Tummies ]. Discover stylish clothing options that are kind to the planet [ Sustainably Stylish: Eco-Fashion that’s Kind to the Planet] and how to enhance workout performance and recovery with massage [Stay Fit with Bodywork Therapy: Enhance Workout Performance and Recovery with Massage ]. Then in our Inspiration column you’ll find three steps for facing difficult emotions [Three Steps for Facing Difficult Emotions] and in Natural Pet we look at Curbing Cancer in Cats: Ways to Keep a Feline Healthy.


This Mother’s Day, I hope you find time to lift your mood by sharing time with the women you love. It is a great time to celebrate the special women in your lives. 


Happy Mother’s Day!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher