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Life Coaching Program Offers Clarity, Focus, Ease and Grace with Rev Janice Cary of Unity of Fort Pierce

Rev. Janice Cary, Certified Coach from the Academy of Coaching Excellence, helps clients let go of limiting thoughts and focus on what brings meaning, joy and fulfillment to their life.

“When I had a near death experience, it changed the way I saw myself, the world and everyone else,” says Cary. “It opened my eyes to the way many incredibly talented, creative and inspired people keep themselves small due to believing traditional cultural programs that were designed to do just that. I realized I too had fallen into limited beliefs. Once you catch that awareness, it changes everything.”

Engaging in a Life Coaching program can reveal negative thinking and allow participants to release false storylines. “These stories are not who you are, when you let these positive and negative thoughts and judgments run through you, you realize they all pass. That leaves your true self, that shining light of awareness present.”

Cary recommends, “Notice the clarity that surfaces once you let those structures of knowing go. Notice how much vitality you experience as you walk in the world as your amazing worthy and whole self. Notice the synchronicities that occur in your life as you focus on something meaningful through following your vision. Notice how each day is a good day, when you live your authentic self fearlessly.”

Rev. Janice Cary offers coaching and spiritual counseling appointments on Zoom. For more information, call her at Unity of Fort Pierce, 772-461-2272 or visit


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