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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Energy Healing for Self-Empowerment at Dharma Healing Arts with Joan LoMonaco

Joan LoMonaco, RN, BSN, of Dharma Healing Arts, assists in reconnecting her clients with their innate power within to cope with life challenges and feelings of isolation many are adapting to as a result of the pandemic. LoMonaco explains, “There is no doubt we are experiencing troubled and challenging times on a global scale. Fears and frustrations often manifest as anger towards others and a feeling of isolation that many are completely unfamiliar with.”

Certificated in Brennan Healing Science, as well as Family Constellation Therapy, LoMonaco helps reveal “themes” in families that may have been lingering for generations, “Working with individuals, couples, and entire families on this level can shine the light on old afflictions that are causing physical and psychological traumas in the present.” LoMonaco explains, “As we heal and empower ourselves as individuals, a ripple effect is created, sending a sense of peace into the world which can help to diminish some of the violence, stress and dis-ease that is currently so prevalent. Energy healing can help to harmonize our energy fields and allow for peace within, strengthening our ability to cope with life’s current hardships.”

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