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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Natural Solutions with Dr Ruth

Dr. Ruth Rodriguez, D.O.

Virtual Pediatric Consultations

321-427-6538, Text/Video: 321-351-4516

Dr Ruth Rodriguez is a board-certified Osteopathic Pediatrician that provides Virtual Pediatric consultations for parents. She offers alternative holistic solutions for children’s health and wellness needs with plant-based medications and/or organic products and mind-body-spirit advice.  She also offers individualized, step-by-step programs of pediatric alternative medicine, nutrition, exercise, supplements, home and health-care products. Dr. Ruth helps parents with natural solutions for age-based home routines, sleep, relationship and play issues. She brings over 24 years of clinical pediatric experience using both traditional medicine and holistic remedies to her practice.

Wellness services offered: Pediatric alternative healing consultations, plant-based pediatric medications, preventative pediatric medicine consultations, medicine cabinet makeovers, organic products and mindset advice, including affirmations, spiritual mantras, meditation and prayers. She also provides in-home yearly pediatric physicals for Brevard county children.

Areas of specialty: Virtual consultations for all of your pediatric health and wellness needs. 

Philosophy: “Empowering families, one child at a time,” says Dr. Rodriguez. “Holistic Pediatrics encompasses realizing that the body can heal itself when properly supported with plants, nutrition (using food as medicine) and the mind-body-spirit connection. It is the same for children.”