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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Center for Anti-Aging Aesthetic and Rejuvenation Medicine


7000 Spyglass Court, Ste 300, Viera

321-421-7111 -

The Center for Anti-Aging Aesthetic uses methods different to traditional medicine. They look at your body as individual systems working together in harmony to be a whole unit. If one small piece of the system goes awry, subtle changes will start to occur often unnoticed, eventually causing an escalation of bigger concerns.

Wellness services offered: Integrative and Functional Medicine, holistic practice, lifestyle changes, peptide therapy, diet, supplementation, specialized testing, shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction, and more.

Areas of specialty: Treating heart disease, hypertension, heart attack prevention, diabetes, mold and Lyme disease treatment, autoimmune disease(s), sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism and other thyroid disease(s), stress hormones, erectile dysfunction, gastrointestinal disease, stubborn weight loss, suspected food allergy issues.

Philosophy of healing: Integrative medicine emerged from a need to respect the individuality of the person. This means learning to view a person from a physiological, psychological, social and spiritual perspective. In addition, integrative medicine is focused on healing and emphasizes the doctor-patient relationship. It focuses on the least invasive, least toxic, and least costly methods to help facilitate health by integrating the best of both worlds


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