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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Microgreens: The Secret to my Green Thumb

Kris Urquhart, Publisher Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast

My experience with farming is quite limited. When I was young, my parents helped me and my siblings start a backyard garden. We grew tomatoes, watermelon, carrots, radishes and whatever else we picked from the seed packet display. I remember mixing manure into the soil with my feet and thinking it was great fun. Of course, at that age I didn’t realize what manure actually was. 

Once outside the watchful eye of my mother, my attention to plants has been hit or miss at best. Recently, my sister Laurie gifted me a kit to grow microgreens. It is so easy that even my brown thumb can’t mess it up. The seed packets go in water and they just need light to grow; about a week later I have microgreens. “Many health-conscious gardeners are drawn to sprouts and microgreens for their nutritional benefits, as they contain as much as 40 times the nutrients as their full-grown counterparts,” shares author April Thompson in Indoor Edible Gardening [page 32]. For me, the nutritional value is just a bonus. Easy-to-grow without incident is my main motivation. 

This month, I had the pleasure of interviewing local farmers for our Natural Inspirations Video Podcast series. They shared benefits of organic farming, some tips for growing your own garden, as well as the interconnectedness of food and community. [Listen at] Continuing with this month’s theme of food and nutrition, I also spoke with local nutritionists who shared how food can impact gut health, diabetes and overall wellness. [Listen at]

This month’s theme is among my favorites. This issue is jam-packed with recipes from our farmers, nutritionists and our Conscious Eating Article. (There are even recipes that incorporate microgreens.) Be sure to explore the advice of our nutritionists in The Complexities of Food and Nutrition [page 30]. Alongside our feature article, Down to Earth: The Promise of Regenerative Organic Farming [page 22], you’ll find our Farmers Market Guide for the Space and Treasure Coast [page 25]. This guide can also be found online and bookmarked for easy reference []. Among these pages, I hope you find inspiration to incorporate organic food and tasty, health-inspired dishes into your life. 


Here’s to sprouting nutrition!


Kris Urquhart, Publisher