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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

New Moon Vision Board Workshop in Port St. Lucie

Ann Marie Caccavano of Lifestyle Goddess is excited to guide participants through an evening of visualization and manifestation. Drawing on the energies of the March New Moon Caccavano has scheduled a Vision Board workshop with an optional meditation to follow on Sunday, March 14. “The New Moon is a time for new beginnings and presents a moment in time to let go of old ways. This is the best time of each month to set intentions, plant seeds, figuratively and literally, and begin new journeys.

“As in nature, our lives move in cycles. From the planets and stars to every kind of life on earth, we each go through stages of development. By observing patterns in nature, like the phases of the moon, we can learn to work with our own cycles to create better understanding of ourselves. Harnessing the moon’s energy aligns us with Universal energy, allowing us to ‘flow’ within our own lives,” says Caccavano.

Location: The Scented Dragon, 6993 Hancock Drive, Port St. Lucie. Cost: Vision Board Workshop, $25, New Moon Meditation Circle $10. Follow Caccavano for other online and in-person events at or call 772-801-3044.