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Self-Care Actions for Creating Health

Dec 31, 2020 09:15AM ● By Julie Peterson

The feeling of loss or grief is usually associated with the loss of a loved one. After an unprecedented year of change, many are experiencing uncomfortable feelings which can be a result of a myriad of changes. Just the difference between the lives we are living and the lives we once knew can leave us grieving the normal we left behind. These feelings can be amplified with the loss of a job or loss of time with family and friends. Finding ways to nurture ourselves can help us remain healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Working through new emotions with a counselor or navigating life changes with a life coach can be illuminating. A professional can provide support to help put structure and plans in place. Working from home has led to online meetings in pajama pants. It may be that a simple plan to get showered and dressed each day will boost spirits. Perhaps working with a life coach can help with a career change or repositioning a business plan.

Looking good and feeling pulled together can improve a person’s outlook on the day. With a nod to physical and mental health, Sarah Finney at Elements Organic Salon in Melbourne suggests at-home color kits that are free from ammonia and other harmful chemicals. “Our master stylists can create a kit for you from our safe and natural products,” she says, pointing out that looking great doesn’t have to mean sacrificing health.

Nutritionists can support a plan to keep your eating on track, especially with work-at-home options. Too much down time can lead to too much eating, especially of comfort foods. If overall nutrition is kept in mind, however, comfort is a good thing. Healthful, organic foods can be incorporated even while feeling indulgent. For example, lasagna can be made with gluten-free or whole grain pasta, veggies and extra garlic to boost the immune system.

Besides large doses of garlic, immune support can also be achieved with a variety of herbal remedies such as echinacea, elderberry and astragalus. In addition, acupuncture and cryotherapy are believed to boost the immune system.

Cryotherapy, which is exposure to extreme low temperature, is also recommended for pain relief. “Frequent use of cryotherapy decreases inflammation in the body,” says Bob Lemon, at iCRYO Recovery & Wellness in St. Lucie. “By lowering the body’s inflammation levels, pain can be significantly reduced and cellular healing can begin through the body’s own production of cold-shot proteins.”

Chronic pain affects your body because your constantly in pain you stop doing the things you love like exercising, walking and taking care of yourself. Care Advantage offers a Shockwave Therapy for pain relief in Merritt Island. “Shockwave therapy restores the body’s natural ability to heal chronic pain without medications and no downtime like surgery,” says Melanie Drake, relating the story of a dancer with debilitating chronic knee pain who danced in the lobby after just three treatments. Indeed, relief from pain can make everything seem better.

Infrared Sauna treatments are another holistic modality used to treat pain. “Pain relief is the number one reason people use infrared, but near, mid, and far infrared systems have many more, lesser known benefits,” says Joanne Augusto of Joanne's Nutrition World in Ft. Pierce. Near infrared (NIR) light therapy uses invisible wavelengths to deliver energy to cells. Research shows, according to Augusto, that “NIR promotes skin renewal, cell health, wound healing and tissue growth. Mid infrared is a longer wavelength that can penetrate deeper into the body’s soft tissue where inflammation occurs.” By increasing oxygenation of injured areas, pain is reduced and the healing process accelerates.

Implementing self-care actions can restore health and balance body, mind and spirit. Remembering to extend compassion to family, friends, neighbors and even strangers, can help pay the good vibes forward. Often it is through helping others that we lift our own spirits. As Anne Frank wrote: “You can always give something, even if it is only kindness.”

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