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Exploring the Science of Infrared Sauna Therapy

Dec 31, 2020 09:00AM ● By Joanne Augusto

With a long history of use across the globe, dating back thousands of years, the benefits of light therapy are being rediscovered by many. Pain relief is the number one reason people use infrared, but near-, mid-, and far-infrared systems have many more, lesser known benefits.

Near-infrared (NIR) light therapy is a form of photobiomodulation that uses invisible, near-infrared wavelengths between 700 and 1200 nm (nanometers) to deliver energy to cells. Scientific research shows that when delivered at the vital wavelength of 880nm, (void of extreme heat or light), NIR promotes skin renewal, cell health, wound healing, and tissue growth.

Mid-infrared (MIR) is a longer wavelength that can penetrate deeper into the body’s soft tissue where inflammation occurs. MIR helps expand blood vessels and increases circulation, allowing more oxygen to reach injured areas of the body. This reduces pain and speeds the healing process.

The longest wavelength, far-infrared (FIR), reaches deepest into the body, where toxins are stored. By raising your core body temperature, FIR stimulates the sweat glands, resulting in a deep, detoxifying sweat that leaves you feeling revitalized. Plus, since sweating increases heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate, calorie burning is an added benefit.

Sweating in an infrared sauna can help to enhance the detox process. Infrared saunas raise core body temperature by two to three degrees, so instead of being heated from the outside in, infrared saunas heat you from the inside out, which in turn helps enhance the body’s natural detoxification process.

Joanne Augusto, owner of Joanne's Nutrition World, shares her extensive experience and passion for natural health daily with her customers. To learn more or experience the health benefits of an Infrared Sauna, visit 101 N. US 1, Ft. Pierce in the Historic Arcade Building. 772-464-3598; JoannesNutrition


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