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Brennan Healing Science Practitioner Opens Dharma Healing Arts in Ft. Pierce

Joan LoMonaco is a Registered Nurse, Brennan Healing Science practitioner and Certified Family Constellation facilitator. Her 14 years of working with individuals and participating in Family Constellation workshops has led her to opening Dharma Healing Arts, a safe, private, and comfortable space in Ft. Pierce.

“I think now more than ever most people are coping with some sort of personal or family issue, be it a physical, emotional, or mental challenge,” expresses LoMonaco. “Issues can arise from experiences in this life or can be passed down through the family lineage. These traumas are held in the energy field until they are addressed with energy healing work.”

LoMonaco asks all her clients this simple question: What would you like to bring forward into the new year? She advises, “You can continue to cope and carry burdens or do the necessary work to lighten your load. All that is required is an open mind, receptive attitude, and willingness to participate in healing. As a level of healing is obtained, spiritual evolution occurs and life changes.”  

LoMonaco is accepting new clients and offering hour and half-hour sessions for individuals and families. For more information, call 561-289-5712 or visit



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