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VIDEO PODCAST: Beyond Heart Attacks - Why Leg Pain and Varicose Veins Can Be Warning Signs

You know the symptoms of a heart attack and how serious that can be. Find out what symptoms can be a sign of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), sometimes called “hidden leg pain.” 

PAD often goes underdiagnosed and affects as many as 8 million Americans, contributing to cardiovascular events such as heart attacks, strokes or even limb amputations if not diagnosed and treated on time. Venous insufficiency is a condition where the flow of blood through the veins is inadequate, causing blood to pool in the legs. Morgan Kane of Treasure Coast Heart and Vascular shares how PAD can be a warning sign for heart disease. He breaks down how our circulatory system works and how to spot symptoms that may indicate developing an issue. Varicose veins, swelling in the ankles and other signs may indicate Venous Disease.

In many cases, this can be self-diagnosed 
and with a quick check you can find out where you stand with regards to your heart health. Advances in Medical Technology allow doctors to avoid open procedures for PAD and Venous Disease and use minimally invasive needle sticks instead. Quick recovery, less risk and done in-office. Feel better fast.

Treasure Coast Heart and Vascular - 1801 SE Hillmore Drive Suite 208C Port St Lucie FL

Treasure Coast Heart and Vascular - 1801 SE Hillmore Drive, Suite 208C, Port St. Lucie, FL

Treasure Coast Heart and Vascular is a comprehensive vascular practice that prides itself on a caring, patient-centered approach to your health. We offer both diagnostic and therapeutic t... Read More »