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Home for the Holidays

Dec 02, 2020 06:00PM ● By Kris Urquhart

“I’ll be home for Christmas…” That Christmas classic is playing in my mind but now doesn’t quite fit. Over the past few years the holiday season meant the return of our boys to our empty nest. However, this year’s work-from-home lifestyle has returned the chicks to the nest for an extended stay. So, I’m changing the lyrics to “I’m already home for Christmas!” 

Our holiday traditions have evolved over the years. For example, when the boys were young, I would always get them new pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve along with a DVD movie and fun hot chocolate flavors. However, when our PJ and movie tastes diverged, we went with the more practical streaming option in comfy gym shorts instead. My family always gathered at my parent’s home for Christmas day; however, since their passing we are exploring new ideas on where to spend the day. As life changes, it provides the opportunity to evolve the old traditions and even make some new ones.

This holiday issue fosters a balance of seasonal cheer and wellness. The Gift of Yum offers homemade gift recipe ideas and Pay Where We Play reminds us to buy local. To inspire your gift giving from local businesses, enjoy our Healthy Holiday Savings Guide on pages 28 and 29. Matt Kahn, spiritual teacher and author of The Universe Always Has a Plan, shares his views on transforming the planet with love. Reinvent the Holidays reminds us that the spirit of the season matters more than material gifts.

As we finish this truly unique year, it is a great time to consider adding a new ritual. These small traditions can lift our spirits and remind us of the important things in life. Bringing together family and friends, near or far, virtually or in person, can reinforce our bonds and bring a sense of unity and love. This month, I hope you enjoy being together with your loved ones and connecting from the heart.

Wishing you a loving holiday season!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher




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