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Nutritional Counseling Covered by Medicare for Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Diane Kingsley, Licensed and Registered Dietitian and owner of Simple Health Options, has been helping patients in her private practice with diabetes and kidney disease for over five years. Kingsley has a fun, practical approach and works with a patient’s individualized nutritional needs. She is pleased to share that Medicare covers nutritional counseling for diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

“I have been seeing amazing results. For example, one recent patient came with an A1C of 12 and after two months of putting new nutritional practices in place, was able to drop their A1C down to 6.2, prediabetic numbers,” says Kingsley. “This patient also saw a weight loss of 11 pounds!”

Kingsley is proud to announce that Greg Cannon, RD, LDN, has joined her practice. Cannon has five years’ experience as a renal dietitian and is looking forward to helping renal patients develop an easy nutritional plan to take the guesswork out of a sometimes-complicated diet.

Kingsley can assist patients with weight loss, high cholesterol, hypertension, and can even just help get them on a healthier track.

For more information, call 772-228-6778 or visit 333 17th Street, Suite U, Vero Beach. Most insurances accepted and telehealth available.