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AcuMicro Available at Indian River Acupuncture & Functional Medicine

Amanda Milian, AP, DOM, of Indian River Acupuncture & Functional Medicine, has trained in AcuMicro under Josh Nerenberg, LAc, founder of San Diego Cosmetic Acupuncture. AcuMicro is traditional Micro-Needling augmented by Nano-Needling and unique, result-boosting serums. “Micro-Needling is a safe and natural way to rejuvenate your appearance with no down-time,

surgery or fillers. In addition to facial benefits, Micro-Needling also treats acne and acne scars and promotes hair growth on the scalp,” says Milian.

Micro-Needling is performed by gliding a pen-like instrument gently over the skin to increase collagen, elastin and new skin cell production. It has also been shown to increase absorption of topical serums by 2000%. AcuMicro utilizes seven specially formulated serums to address specific problem areas and enhance results. “These exclusive anti-aging serums, made from Chinese herbs and natural ingredients, are customized to your skin’s needs to smooth wrinkles, firm and hydrate skin, lighten age spots, reduce under-eye bags and dark circles, and brighten the complexion,” says Milian.

For best results, four treatments are recommended and are administered monthly. Gradual changes will be seen after the first treatment, with results being cumulative.

For a complimentary consultation and special savings for new clients, call 772-564-8383. Indian River Acupuncture & Functional Medicine, 1300 36th St, Ste H, Vero Beach.


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