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The Signs and Symptoms of Breast Implant Illness

Oct 28, 2020 07:00AM ● By Judy Porter

Breast Implant Illness (BII) is becoming a common concern among implant recipients and health care professionals alike. In a recent news release from the FDA, ten main symptoms of BII were identified as: fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, anxiety, hair loss, depression, rash, autoimmune disease, inflammation and weight issues. Similarly, a Facebook support group of over a hundred thousand women list these same symptoms, as well as dry eyes and chest pain, among others. The group further notes symptoms can develop with any type of implant and can occur immediately or many years after both reconstructive and cosmetic implant surgeries.

Harvard Medical School published an article by Dr. Andrea Pusic in which Joseph E Murray, Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School states, “The truth is, there are still some unknowns when it comes to what many patients call ‘breast implant illness,’ including whether implants are truly the cause of these symptoms.” Some health care professionals attribute the symptoms to menopause, thyroid disease and autoimmune disease. However, women who are affected by BII claim the implants are the cause of the issues and report the symptoms subside after explanting (removal of the implant). Dr. Lu Jean Feng, a top explant surgeon located in Cleveland Ohio, supports this claim and in a recent study, she describes that she and her patients have observed an overall symptomatic improvement after breast implant removal.

Breast Massage After Breast Implant Removal

Removal of implants can sometimes cause different issues that may need to be addressed. The surgery leaves an empty pocket that needs to reattach to the chest wall. During this process adhesions may form and scars can tighten and spread to other areas including ribs, surrounding muscle and fascia, sometimes creating skin folds or indentations. Massage is an excellent source of relief during this healing process. A professional massage therapist can apply a variety of techniques such as cupping, scar massage and gentle stretching, as well as teach exercises that encourage a gentle range of motion. Other therapies including sauna for sweating to assist in detoxification and relaxation can also offer relief. As with any medical condition, its recommended that woman should consult their physicians before implementing any new health regiment.

Judy Porter is a Licensed Massage Therapist at Studio in Motion serving Indian River County. She offers breast massage and has experience with the post-surgical explant scarring firsthand. She also works with women after lumpectomy and mastectomy surgeries. For more information, call 772-577-3057 or visit (MM37640, MA38153)