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Meares-Irlen Syndrome Eye Screening Available in Brevard at Health For Life

Meares-Irlen Syndrome is a little known condition that is often undiagnosed in individuals who struggle with reading, depth perception, or who are sensitive to certain types of lighting.  This syndrome occurs when the brain is not able to understand what the eyes are seeing. Over time, this condition can lead to learning difficulties and discipline problems in children, whereas adults may experience headaches, migraines and low self-esteem. Meares-Irlen Syndrome may also develop following whiplash, concussions and a traumatic brain injury.

“A non-invasion solution for this syndrome is to use special colored overlays to read print, or to wear glasses with Irlen Spectral Filters. Color can normalize the communication pathway between our eyes and brain,” says Sylvie Morin, DOM, owner of Health For Life.

On Thursday November 12, Morin will accept applications to screen for Meares-Irlen Syndrome. The first 10 qualified applicants will receive the screening free of charge (a $200 value).

To request an application, email: [email protected] For more information contact Health For Life at 321-259-0555, located at 402 N. Babcock St., Suite 101, Melbourne and 1727 N. Atlantic Ave., Cocoa Beach.