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The Truth of Spiritual Oneness

Oct 02, 2020 08:45AM ● By by Rev Janice Cary

We were made for these times. Our world is going through a seismic shift in many areas. We are living with and through the effects of chronic wildfires due to climate change, the disparity in race relations, the coronavirus pandemic, the polarization in politics and an economic crisis.  Yet we were born to recognize the root cause of these challenges and to have the vision and courage to take authentic action to bring about healing.

What must we do individually to bring about healing?

While we need to be aware of what is occurring in the world and to engage where we are able, we must act only when we have placed our body-mind in alignment with spirit. Spiritually minded people understand the root cause of suffering is the illusion that we are separate individuals that can go about abusing mother earth and her children. Clearly, we see the effects unconscious actions have when Spiritual Oneness is ignored.

The mind-body connection has been known for decades

I recently broke my ulna and fractured my radial bone.  The ER doctor did a closed reduction and set the bone back into alignment. When I went to my orthopedist expressing concern over whether I would need further surgery he said “We are trying to avoid that. Your arm is in good alignment, now go home, rest and speak to your bones.” This conventional physician is aware of the body-mind connection and the power we have to bring about alignment which supports healing.

How does this relate to what we are facing in our world?

The world is calling for compassion, healing and love. If we are to give this to the world we must first be filled up with the spiritual truth of our Oneness. We fill ourselves up with spiritual truth through contemplation, affirmative prayer, meditation, spiritual practices and listening to messages that remind us that we are One spiritual family and our religion or re-alignment and healing is brought about through living centered in Love. 

Rev Janice Cary leads worship services at Unity of Fort Pierce on Sundays at 10 a.m. with messages centered in the truth of our oneness. The sanctuary is open with social distancing followed or love-streamed on Facebook Live at tips and an easy exercise to stay centered in our video podcast interview with Rev Janice Cary.