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7 Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Your Family’s Toxic Load

Oct 01, 2020 08:44AM ● By Dr. Ruth Rodriguez

The body is a sponge. The food we eat, the water we drink, the lotions we put on, the air we breathe all have chemicals in them that the body must ingest, digest, absorb, inhale and process. Just in cosmetics, the European Union has banned or restricted more than 1,300 chemicals while the US has outlawed or curbed just 11. Some of these chemicals are quite toxic and damaging to the body, especially a growing child’s brain and organs. This internal and external stress on the body contributes to the reported epidemic numbers of obesity, behavioral issues, school performance and learning problems experienced today.

When the body is exposed to a non-natural toxic chemical, the body does not recognize it as a useful substance. It responds by directing the substance to the appropriate place. It may send it to the liver, kidneys, brain or thyroid to be processed, to fat cells for absorption or storage, or to the intestines to be digested for elimination. These toxins can build up and clog systems or be eliminated from the body through blood, sweat, tears or stool. 

Side effects can occur and vary depending on the organ system of the body that is processing the substance. If the substance is sent to the brain, one might get dizzy, feel weak, or have headaches or memory loss. If it is sent to the kidneys, blood may be present in urine or result in unbalanced electrolytes. If it is process by the liver, then the gastrointestinal tract may have trouble digesting it resulting in reflux, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea.

The good news is we can reduce the toxic load on the body with simple lifestyle adjustments. By decreasing the intake of chemicals, the body will have less to overcome and can allow a healthier state of being.

Follow these tips to support the body’s healthy state of being:

1.     Choose natural, plant-based, vegan and organic products.

2.     Check the labels of your hair and body care products avoiding sulfates and synthetic fragrance. Fragrances can cause havoc with hormones and even memory loss and seizures.

3.     Check the labels of makeup and body lotion to avoid parabens, phthalates, petrolatum (unless clearly indicated as fully refined white petrolatum) and other known carcinogens. Parabens are preservatives used in personal care products, these endocrine-disrupting chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, blood and the digestive system.

4.     Avoid talcum powder as it has been associated with ovarian and testicular cancer.

5.     Avoid unknown fillers and heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury that are contaminants found in a wide variety of personal care products including lipstick, whitening toothpaste, eyeliner and nail color and can cause Alzheimer’s and early dementia.

6.     In the kitchen, check your plastic containers for BPA. When plastic is exposed to heat the BPA leaches into water. Choose glass containers instead.

Dr. Ruth Rodriguez, owner of Natural Solutions with Dr Ruth, is a board-certified osteopathic pediatrician with over 25 years of experience using both traditional, western medicine and natural holistic remedies for children. She offers telemedicine-like pediatric consultations and a 6-week or 6-hour Back-to-School Great Awakenings Child and Family Wellness Program. Learn more or Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if it is right for you.

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