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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Herbs & Owls Herbal Practice and Apothecary Open in Jupiter

Herbs & Owls is excited to announce their new location is open and welcoming visitors in Jupiter. Owner and Clinical Herbalist, Gina Kearney, has designed a full bulk herb apothecary where visitors can support their health naturally through teas and herbal products.

Kearney offers classes and Herbal Consultations to empower her client’s healing journey and offer guidance and support, she shares, “The role of a skilled Clinical Herbalist is to understand you as a whole person and be able to discern which herbs and flower essences fit you best.” As a Clinical Herbalist, Kearney practices with the understanding that every client is a unique individual with unique life experiences that have influenced their overall health.

It is through this understanding and her clinical training in traditional herbal medicine and flower essence therapy that she works with clients to improve physical, emotional and

energetic health at a deep and lasting level.

In addition to recommendations made during a consultation, clients receive a written protocol addressing herbs, flower essences, lifestyle, and nutritional recommendations to best support their health goals.

Through herbal products, flower essences and consultations, Herbs and Owls may assist with stress and anxiety, digestive health, sleep, immunity, focus and memory, inflammation, women’s health, motivation and will, men’s health and overall wellness.

Consults are offered in-person and online. For more information and appointments, call 561-768-9005 or visit