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Treatment Options Offered for Peripheral Neuropathy in Free Seminars with Dr. Canuel in Palm Bay

Dr. Steve Canuel, D.C., is accepting attendees to his free seminars on Peripheral Neuropathy. “If you suffer with neuropathy and are looking for a non-surgical, drug-free treatment, this seminar is for you,” says Dr. Canuel. “No need to suffer pain and numbness during this time of Covid-19. We are offering both virtual and in-office seminars to meet your needs.”

These seminars address: what really causes peripheral neuropathy, dangers associated with medications typically prescribed, how to stop nerve damage before the effects are irreversible, and how our revolutionary protocol provides outstanding results for sufferers. “90% of the treatment is done in the comfort of your home, so you are in control,” says Dr. Canuel.

The seminars are scheduled 3 days a week: Monday at 3 p. m., Wednesday at 10 a. m. and Friday at 10 a. m. throughout September.

Melbourne Chiropractic Spine and Injury Center, A Neuropathy Clinic is located at 490 Center Lake Dr, Ste 100A, Palm Bay. To register or for more information, call 321-499-4608. In-office seating is limited. This seminar is sponsored by Blueprint to Neuropathy.