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Emotional Weight Loss: Releasing “Emotional Baggage”

Have you ever experienced a “heavy” emotional burden, one that weighs heavily on your heart?  Emotions and beliefs can weigh us down and hold us back, and yet we carry them year after year, perhaps not recognizing that there are effective techniques for releasing them.

As life passes by, these emotional memories can get heavier, to the point of causing chronic fatigue or depression.  Sometimes when a licensed physician diagnoses a patient with chronic fatigue and/or depression, there is no physical, diagnosable ailment – there is only a list of symptoms without a known cause. Healthcare providers can provide a degree of relief with prescription medications, yet it may not effectively lift the emotional weight.

How much do these emotions and beliefs weigh? They weigh enough to hold us back and weigh us down; in fact, they can be so heavy that we feel as though we can’t move forward in life.

Releasing emotional weight involves engaging the subconscious mind where the memories, emotions and beliefs reside. It means getting to the initial cause of the event, circumstances or relationship that left the emotional imprint and resolving it at the root cause. Clinical Hypnotherapy that includes a regression-to-cause protocol provides exactly this process. Memories that a client may not even be aware of at a conscious level can be reached and resolved in hypnosis with the proper techniques.

Once resolved, the emotional “weight” is lifted and released from the body, resulting in profound relief and increased energy.

Lori Burke is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (IAIH Cert. #7596890) in Viera. She offers a full range of hypnotherapy services, including some of the most advanced protocols and techniques in hypnotherapy today. For more information, visit, or call or text 321-652-1039.