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6 Steps to Boost your Child's Immune System

Aug 30, 2020 04:06PM ● By Ruth Rodriguez

Recently, parents have considered what schooling option is best for their children in the midst of a pandemic. Whether the children are engaged in at-home learning or are back in school, boosting the immune system of the whole family is key. A strong immune system will fortify the body when it is exposed to viruses and bacteria. 

Incorporating natural solutions into your daily routine can help boost the immune system safely and effectively, as well as, save time, stress and money in the long run by avoiding illness.

Beyond social distancing, sneezing into your arm and thorough and frequent hand washing, include these strategies into your daily routine.

1.     Go outside daily. Getting thirty minutes of sunlight exposure will naturally boost your vitamin D intake. The sun’s UVB light stimulates the skin’s cells to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D modulates the immune response and is crucial to helping activate immune system defenses and enhancing the function of immune cells.

2.     Increase your water intake. Most of the human body is water, it varies by body part and can be as high as 80% water. To stay hydrated, drink 2-4 glasses for toddler; 4-6 glasses for school aged children and 6-8 glasses for adults. Drink to quench a thirst, more is not better, especially for younger children. 

3.     Increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. There are many options including whole food nutrition, gummy bears, smoothies or juicing. Optimally, eat 2-4 servings for toddlers, 4-6 servings for school aged children and 6-8 or more servings for adults. More is better in this case! The body will use what it needs and eliminate the rest naturally.

4.     Increase your vitamin C daily. Liposomal vitamin C supplements are the most absorbable form. When using the powder form, dissolve it in water or juice or sprinkle into a teaspoon of apple sauce. This simple practice will reduce free radical damage and support the immune system to fight off germs, especially from another child.

5.     Get enough rest, sleep and down time. More is best here! Transitioning from the freedom of summer months to a school routine can be stressful. Adjusting to new schedules that include daily homework and less play time can be easier with well-rested children. 

6.     Nurture the spirit. Children are spiritual beings too. They can be more in tune than adults with the concept of our connection to Divinity, God, Universe, Spirit ­– whatever term resonates with your family. Read to them often, imagine, visualize, meditate, and pray with them. This will nurture a sense of belonging, purpose and passion for their present and future. 

Dr. Ruth Rodriguez, owner of Natural Solutions with Dr Ruth,  is a board-certified osteopathic pediatrician with over 25 years of experience using both traditional, western medicine and natural holistic remedies for children. She offers consultations and a 6-week or 6-hour Back-to-School Great Awakenings Child and Family Wellness Program. Learn more or Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if it is right for you.


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