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Dental Visits Are More than Just a Mouthful

Jul 30, 2020 06:00AM ● By Kris Urquhart

With social distancing still in effect, my recent visit to the dentist put a little more pep in my step as it was a chance to safely interact with people and be out of the house. However, for many, a dental visit can be more than a satisfying outing, it is fundamental support for their overall health.

This month, our feature article, Whole-Body Dentistry, reveals a vibrant world of oral health options provided by biological, holistic and integrative dentists. This includes an array of options to assist with healing and prevention of inflammation to treatments that can impact heart health, sleep related disorders, anxiety and other conditions. In Whole-Body Dentistry, author Linda Sechrist shares that children born tongue-tied may never expand the palate as it is supposed to, and chronic mouth-breathing can cause anxiety because the nitric oxide receptors located in the nose signal arteries and veins to relax.

“When considering parenthood, it’s doubtful that anyone thinks far into the future to imagine a child’s long-term health problems that might result from decisions made about their teeth even before they appear,” shares Sechrist in Dentistry’s Bigger Picture 

I recently discussed these issues and more with local integrative dental experts in our video series exploring how oral health is connected to whole body health. You can listen to these interviews at

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Here’s to a healthy mouth and body!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher