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One Connected Human Family

Jun 30, 2020 06:00AM ● By Kris Urquhart

Growing up my parents were often on the opposite sides of issues and the voting booth. It took me longer than many of my peers to decide where I stood on many societal issues. I believe it was a result of regularly hearing many perspectives.  I’m very grateful that I was raised in an environment that was based in love and respect and allowed for differences of opinion. 

In our Wisewords article, Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network, shares his vision for what’s possible when we can engage from a higher vantage point of interconnectedness. “Bifurcations, which happen when we identify with a part of reality and make the rest wrong, bad or problematic, keep us in a state of suffering,” says Dinan. “It’s about our unity as one human family. When we can redesign our society from this standpoint, we’re fulfilling the deepest principles upon which this country was based.” The concept of redesigning from a vantage point of connectedness is one I can easily get behind.

Connectedness of mind, body, and spirit has always been an integral part of our message. This year, keeping our readers, practitioners, and leaders in our natural health community connected is our primary focus. We are providing additional online content through our website and social media and invite you to join our digital community. Together we can support each other to maintain a natural and balanced lifestyle as we move through these unusual times.

In this issue, we focus on the tips for a healthy gut microbiome and how these microorganisms can impact our overall health. Find out what local herbalists recommend for a healthy gut and hear our interviews with them for more in-depth information on our website. Discover why knowing where your meat comes from can impact your health. And celebrate July 4th with inspired healthy grilling recipes. As we enjoy the nation’s birthday this month, let’s toast to a united future.

Happy 4th of July,

Kris Urquhart, Publisher 

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