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Thermography Provides Early Detection of Health Issues

Before a tumor ever presents itself, there are cellular changes in the body. It has been found that thermography is able to detect these changes before a tumor or other nefarious issue has time to develop, allowing people space to respond and prevent disease from taking hold or progressing. This is crucial, especially in breast cancer prevention. The yearly mammogram that might detect a mass could be too late because breast cancer cells can double every 90 days.  

Katie Ainsley, owner of Thermography of Brevard, is an 8-year breast cancer survivor. She was drawn to thermography because of its ability to provide early detection.

Dr. Kristin Barry, owner of Space Coast Thermography, was diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago. As she researched the disease, she too discovered thermography and realized what a great tool it is for early detection and to give women time to make a plan and hopefully prevent breast cancer. 

As more people passionate about early detection get involved, news of the abilities of thermography spreads and more uses for the screening tool are found and utilized. Because it is typically not covered by insurance, no doctor referral is required to get a screening. 

How it Works

Thermography is different than other medical imaging tools. It is a physiological test that looks at the subtle underlying chemical and nervous system signals, or physiological changes, in the body. The thermal infrared camera picks up these changes by measuring heat. Other tests, such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and mammograms look for physical structures. 

Increased cellular activity, increased blood flow and angiogenesis, the new formation of blood vessels, can indicate that something is going wrong in the earliest stages. That’s what thermography is detecting. 

Like a mammogram, with breast thermography, it’s important to establish a baseline. The initial screen is done. Three to four months later the second one is done. If no changes are detected, it goes to annual exams. 

Between Screenings

Self-care is an important step to prevent breast cancer and all diseases. Self-exams are thought to be the best way to prevent breast cancer because women know their own “normal.” Ainsley has several other recommendations. First, change deodorant use to a natural deodorant that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. She also says that using essential oils can be helpful. Frankincense, turmeric, and lemongrass can be blended with coconut oil or another carrier oil and applied to the underarms, lymph node and chest areas. Lymphatic draining massage can also be beneficial and can be done at home to keep lymph nodes free of toxins. 

Additional Uses

Because the scan is primarily thought of as a breast scan, men may not realize it can be beneficial to them, as well. 

“As a technology that can visualize pain, it can highlight inflammation areas for current ailments and injuries, such as musculoskeletal pain, cardiovascular problems and athletic trauma. Using thermography for early screening of cardiovascular diseases provides the time to make lifestyle changes and monitor your heart health. For athletic injuries it provides a means to monitor healing progress,” says Jody Hart, Certified Clinical Thermographer at Stuart Thermography.

Thermography indicates areas of inflammation by detecting heat and blood flow in body tissues. “An area with inflammation will show up ‘hotter’ on the image and point to areas where you may not be aware there is an issue. For example, if an artery around the heart shows inflammation, it would be important to evaluate it further for possible plaque,” says Jessica Schneider, owner of For Your Health Thermal Imaging.

According to Mark Hyman, MD, founder of The UltraWellness Center, there is an epidemic of inflammatory diseases. Hyman points out that nearly every modern disease is caused by inflammation.

Thermography can assist in figuring out where the inflammation exists and help with a multitude of issues such as TMJ, diabetic neuropathy, blood clots, digestive issues, immune system issues and hormone or thyroid imbalances. Experts read the heat map, or visual image of the body, determine risk and alert the patient to changes that are going on now or could happen in the future. 

“The great thing about Thermography is that it’s non-invasive, it’s not painful, nothing touches you, there’s absolutely no radiation, there’s no IV, nothing sticks you, pokes you, squeezes you…it can be done on a yearly basis or as needed. It’s a great way to monitor your health to see if something is going on,” says Dr. Barry. 

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