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Telemedicine is Now Business as Usual

Many of our health providers on the Space and Treasure Coast have been providing telemedicine as a regular part of their services. For example, Dr. Ruth Rodriguez, Osteopathic Pediatrician and owner of Natural Solutions with Dr. Ruth, regularly consults with parents virtually providing natural remedies for children.

Functional Medicine doctors can easily provide telemedicine options due to the nature of the consultation. Dr. Rebecca Hunton, Radiantly Healthy MD, regularly offers telephone and Zoom appointments as a matter of convenience for patients. Dr. Yale Smith, The Center for Anti-Aging Aesthetic and Rejuvenation Medicine, is offering telemedicine for his current patients and is answering questions for those that would like to call the office with inquiries. Dr. Melissa Dean, Dean Wellness Institute, is seeing patients as required for illness and treatments but is also incorporating telemedicine wherever possible to keep everyone safe. Dr. Deborah DeMarta,  Institute of Health & Wellness, is conducting increased telemedicine, however her surgical office is equipped with an air system called a Hydroxide Ion Generator that is germicidal, fungicidal, and viricidal providing extended safety for in-office patients. And Margaret Witzleb, ARNP, of Children's Healthcare of Brevard, LLC , is providing telephone appointments, as well as, seeing patients in the office during limited hours.

Due to restrictions on acupuncture recommended by the Health Department in April, acupuncturists have implemented telemedicine options offering Chinese Medicine. For example, Indian River Acupuncture & Functional Medicine continues to accept new Functional Medicine patients via HIPAA compliant Telehealth visits as well as provide Chinese Medicine and nutritional consultations via phone. Herbal supplements can be shipped to patients. Ni's Chinese Medical Center changed all patients to phone consultations and continues to offer their herbal program to boost the immune system. After a brief phone consultation with Dr. Ni, herbs are delivered by mail. Hillary Morris of Stuart Acupuncture is providing the first Chinese Medicine telemedicine session free to Natural Awakenings readers. 

Health care is an essential business and for some appointments are necessary to receive treatment but accommodating when possible is the new normal. For the safety and convenience of patients, telemedicine appointments are available for patients at select locations for Cancer Care Centers of Brevard.

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