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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Business as (UN)Usual on the Space & Treasure Coast

Apr 02, 2020 06:06PM ● By Kris Urquhart


While we are all practicing social distancing and following the CDC recommendations to stay safe, it is more important than ever to stay connected as a community. Find out the many innovative ways our local businesses are adapting to still serve their community.


Dr. Steve Alukonis

Business update: Space Coast Advanced Health is open and serving patients with Chiropractic service and Functional Medicine.

Video Interview: Dr. Alukonis shared how we can help boost our immune systems. Find out where the immune system is located in this informative video that includes supplement tips. 
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Dr. Deborah DeMarta, MD

Business update: As a surgeon with a building designed to handle in office surgical procedures, her office is sterile and keeping the space free of germs is business as usual. They are limiting the number of patients in the building at a time and taking temperatures at the door. Dr. DeMarta offers a full natural pharmacy.

Video Interview: Dr. DeMarta outlines the key factors we want to address for maintaining our health. Find out how silver can help keep your mucous membranes virus-free, what type of vitamin C to use, dosage for other key immune boosting vitamins and minerals, as well as, how probiotics and a health gut can impact your overall well-being. Watch Video


Chip Griffin, Owner

Business Update: Curbside delivery available. Call ahead to place your order. Store is sanitized after every customer. Get a copy of Natural Awakenings magazine with your order!

Video Interview: Chip Griffin, owner, shares vitamins, supplements, and CBD products people are looking for right now to support the immune system and overall health.

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Hillary Morris

Business Update: Providing telemedicine to help clients improve immune system, reduce anxiety and maintain balance for overall health. In-person acupuncture temporarily suspended as a result of current health restrictions.

Video Interview: Hillary Morris shares the Chinese Medicine perspective on strengthening the immune system. Find out the five aspects of Chinese Medicine, what herbal protocols have been developed in Chinese hospitals in the wake of COVID19 and how it is all about balance.

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Dr. Stephen & Wendy Canuel

Business Update: Offering telemedicine and in-office services. Online webinars addressing help for Peripheral Neuropathy available.

Video Interview: Wendy Canuel, educator and practice manager, shares details on help for Peripheral Neuropathy plus tips for businesses to serve the community in new ways. Watch Video


Dr. Yale Smith, MD

Business Update: Currently offering telemedicine for current patients and answering questions for those that would like to call the office with inquiries. 

Video Interview: Dr. Yale Smith, MD shares his personal experience with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). Dr. Smith rebuilt his health using the principals of Functional Medicine and shares how he applies this in his practice to help his patients resolve health issues and improve their quality of life with health and wellness. Watch Video


Reverend Janice Cary

Business Update: Unity of Fort Pierce is streaming Sunday services, outdoor socially distanced pilates classes, streaming meditations and more.

Video Interview: Reverend Janice Cary of Unity of Fort Pierce shares she has adapted to life from home. As a Life and Spiritual Coach she shares her insight and a very practical tool for managing anxiety and expectations when life is uncertain. Watch Video


Dr. Angela King, DOM, AP

Business Update: Using the HIPPA Compliant Telehealth platform, practitioners are available and accepting new Functional Medicine patients. They are available for herbal consultations, but note that the supply for Chinese herbal supplements is strained right now so may be limited. Functional medicine via Telehealth is fully supported with the ability to ship lab kits and drop ship supplements. 

Video Interview: Dr. Angela King shares details on how the covid19 virus can impact not just mild or severe symptoms, but what happens for the moderately ill? She explains how our immune system can react in this virus and why it makes sense to nurture your body into an anti-inflammatory state of health. She also shares the research coming from Chinese doctors for herbal protocols and what their research data is showing. Watch Video


Dr. Ruth Rodriguez, DO

Business Update: Dr. Ruth is experienced at the telemedicine model. She works with parents and families to provide natural solutions to a wide variety of health issues, behavioral issues, and even immune boosting tips for children. She consults online and through Zoom. Her passion is health and wellness for for children.

Video Interview: Dr. Ruth Rodriguez, DO, is a Board-Certified Osteopathic Pediatrician with over 25 years of experience. She shares tips for keeping your children naturally healthy and how to move through a new stressful situation. Stress can impact the immune response. A holistic approach can empower parents with simple natural remedies to boost the children's immune system. Watch video


Christopher Johansen

Business Update: Psychic and The Genie is offering curbside pickup and free home delivery. Just call with your order. 

Video Interview: Chris shares the definition of a psychic medium and how reading energy can help with life situations such as relationships, jobs and more. Watch video