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Keep Your Immune System Strong

Apr 01, 2020 09:00AM ● By Chip Griffin

The role of the immune system is to protect against disease or other potentially damaging foreign bodies. It is a collection of structures and processes within the body, in other words, our immune system is a complex network to limit or prevent infection.

The immune system is spread throughout the body, it can distinguish our tissue from foreign tissue. It also can identify dead and faulty cells and will clear them away. If the immune system finds an antigen (bacterium, virus, fungus, toxin or foreign body), it will generate an immune response to keep us healthy.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), the immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body from infection. The first line of protection is our skin as it defends against microbes from entering the skin, so it is advisable to wash regularly and cover open wounds. Internally, our bone marrow produces a variety of cell types that create first line responders to attack invaders. Our blood stream continuously circulates immune cells to patrol and search for problems in the body. The lymph nodes are the communication hub to sample information and the immune cells are enriched in the spleen.

To keep your immune system strong focus on a healthy lifestyle. Healthy living strategies that can help every part of your body to function better include:

·       Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables

·       Get adequate sleep

·       Limit/moderate or eliminate alcohol

·       Don’t smoke

·       Add a multivitamin

·       Add a garlic spice or supplement to your diet

·       Include immune support supplements such as echinacea, elderberry, immune enhancers, and colloidal silver

·       Reduce stress

·       Avoid infections, wash hands frequently

·       Exercise regularly


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