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Hypnotherapy for Lasting Change

Mar 01, 2020 09:00AM ● By Julie Peterson

The subconscious regulates bodily systems, such as the heartbeat, but it also serves as storage for every human experience and perception. This databank of memories, mostly forgotten to the conscious mind, informs present behaviors, habits and judgments, for better or worse. When it’s for the worse, there is a solution. 

“Hypnotherapy is simply communicating directly with the subconscious mind to elicit a positive change,” says Jenny Battig, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy at Hypnotherapy by Jenny in Melbourne. 

Hypnosis is a natural state that people experience daily, perhaps when focused on a project, while falling asleep, daydreaming or on “autopilot” while driving.


Issues Hypnosis Can Help 

“At the root of most issues are negative or false beliefs about the self that reside below the level of consciousness. Hypnotherapy uncovers and alters those beliefs, providing resolution and relief to the client,” says Lori Burke, Certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist at Lori Burke Hypnotherapy in Viera.

Stephanie DeWayne at By The Sea Hypnosis in Stuart helps people control pain, anxiety and make important lifestyle changes such as weight loss, achieving goals and overcoming addiction. The list of issues that hypnosis can help with is as long as the subconscious is deep. 

“The subconscious holds memories as fact, even though they are really interpretation, judgment and reaction. The way the facts of our past are stored affects how we live and learn in the present. With trance, we can change interpretation, judgment, and reaction,” says Elizabeth Campbell, Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor at TranceformU in Stuart.

Anxiety, depression, phobias, grief, unresolved childhood trauma, pain, sleep problems and issues with relationships can all result from the subconscious. 

“One thing to be aware of, if seeking help for a physical issue, like pain or a disease, is that per Florida law the hypnotherapist needs to have permission from the relevant medical personnel to use hypnotherapy on that particular issue with that client,” says Battig. 

Campbell notes that basic habit or attitude changes, fears and the like can be freely dealt with during hypnosis. Hypnotherapy topics requiring a medical referral could include clinical depression, addictions and PTSD.


Myths About Hypnotism

Thanks to shows in which people do silly things while hypnotized, there is a myth that hypnotists can control a person, making him act against his will. “Your subconscious is your protector, so if someone doesn’t want something, we can’t make them do it,” explains Campbell. 

Another myth is that being hypnotized is akin to being unconscious. “You are in trance, but you aren’t ‘under’ anything. You are conscious and awake. Your conscious mind steps back, but not out,” says Campbell. 


Making the Appointment

“To ensure you're getting someone with ample training, practical experience and good ethics, you should ask about their training,” says Battig. There isn’t a license available under Florida law specifically for hypnotherapy but look for certification. Certification programs differ, some require hundreds of hours while others are much shorter.

Hypnotherapist may use a variety of techniques, including NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and direct suggestion. Some may also have training in additional modalities, so talking about goals and learning about methods can help one choose a practitioner. 

“After getting an in depth understanding of my client’s issue, I implement the hypnotherapy tools and techniques that will be most effective for resolving my client’s problem,” says Burke.

Many people turn to hypnosis because nothing else has worked. Others understand how powerful the mind is and want help focusing.

“When people want to solve a long-held problem and they are trying to talk or think their way out of it, that won’t reach the subconscious where the problem is held. Hypnosis allows that change quickly.” says Campbell.