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Genetic Testing Program to Reduce Cancer Risk at Cancer Care Centers of Brevard

Cancer Care Centers of Brevard  is offering a genetic testing program that can assist patients who have a significant family and/or personal history of cancer. Those who have an increased cancer risk will be able to make more informed decisions about lifestyle alterations, medications, screening, surgery and other preventative measures. “The testing and comprehensive counseling can also reduce cancer risk and lead to early detection,” says Alice Spinelli, Genetic Specialist with Cancer Care.

“Genetic mutations are changes that affect the way cells grow and divide; sometimes these mutations lead to the development of cancer,” says Spinelli. “Mutations can also be acquired from habits such as smoking or extensive sun exposure. Other mutations are inherited, including: breast, ovarian, colorectal, prostrate, pancreatic and endometrial.”

Call Cancer Care Centers of Brevard at 833-394-4904 to make an appointment for Genetic Testing. For more information, visit

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