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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Vision Journaling Workshop with Jodi Rita Held on the Treasure Coast

Through hard work, education and real-life experiences Certified Life Coach and Business Consultant Jodi Rita has personally developed creative and innovative techniques that have led her to a more balanced and peaceful life. Now teaching these same techniques to others through her Vision Journaling Workshop, these practices can help participants reach their own personal expectations.

Rita’s belief systems, “Nothing is impossible when you are able to combine a strong relationship with a Higher Power, persistence, focus and positive energy. Many great achievers have started on little more than a dream and determination.”

When asked about her Vision Journaling Workshop, Rita explains, “Focusing on each individual’s own goals, personal beliefs and the letting go of triggers and fears, this workshop will allow each participant to leave with a feeling of limitless possibilities for manifesting their true desires. These techniques can, and should, be used again and again as new challenges arise or new goals are set.”

Limited to a small group, allowing for a more comfortable one-on-one atmosphere. February 22, 12 to 2 p.m. Refreshments and materials included. $40 a person or bring a friend for $60. Call or text Jodi Rita, 321-591-8290 or visit