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Kumari Healing Inc

Kumari Healing Inc

Kumari Mullin, owner


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Kumari is founder of Divine Human Institute, a modern-day mystery school offering training in energy healing, intuitive development, manifesting your dreams and awakening your Soul potential through live and online courses, retreats, TV show, and small group apprenticeships.

Wellness services offered: Training: Reiki Energy Healing, Animal Communication, Quantum Creating, Energy Alchemy. Intuitive mentoring, spiritual meditation retreats, Awakening Healers online community -- weekly healing, intuitive guidance, energy training for profound healing and spiritual transformation. Bliss TV show.

Areas of specialty: Heal: Learn energy healing to release physical and emotional pain, get unstuck, gain clarity. Manifest: Find your bliss, align your purpose, achieve your dreams. Awaken: Activate your intuition, divine potential and spiritual mastery. Energy medicine apprenticeship.

Philosophy of healing: Kumari transmits a powerful loving presence where healing shifts occur spontaneously, and the wisdom of the Soul is unveiled. “Everyone can be a healer,” says Kumari. “I teach fully anchored in the knowing that everyone, yes even you, can awaken to their divine nature and intuitive healing gifts.”

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