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Wavecrest Academy

Wavecrest Academy

Brandy Arrajj

1244 Water St, Melbourne,

321-795-3458 –

Wavecrest Academy serves students from pre-K to 12th grade providing an individualized curriculum that meets students where they are and allows for one-on-one help in challenging areas. Their educational approach allows students to excel as much as they like in preferred subjects and teaches students critical social skills, from simply asking for clarification to perspective taking and collaborating with peers. Their students enjoy the arts district community with weekly trips to area businesses and the library for hands-on learning, making connections and using newly learned material in real life.

Learning modalities: Wavecrest Academy pulls from all different teaching modalities matching the teaching style to student’s learning style.

Areas of specialty: Very successful with students that are gifted and college-bound, as well as, typically developing. Also proficient with children with a wide range of abilities and talents including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and students on Autism Spectrum Hyperlexia and with dyslexia.

Philosophy: Wavecrest Academy believes in making learning enjoyable. They teach students how to learn, fact find, and apply newly acquired information and skills in way that is meaningful.