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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Lee Cotton, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Brings A Fresh Perspective on Health

Lee Cotton, RDN, is pleased to offer services to maximize one’s health and well-being through timely and strategic health assessments and nutritional counseling. Cotton is a Dietitian with well-established relationships with clients from all walks of life who are seeking to improve their health by eating the right foods to fit their individual health needs. 

“Today, more so than ever, shifting to healthier living is centered on fad dieting—those diets that promise to take the weight off quickly but typically without the long-term and sustained results that most desire,” says Cotton. “My passion is educating clients on how to eat for their own overall health. The ‘diet’ approach I want my clients to have is a ‘way-of-life’ eating pattern that is best suited for their own individual needs.” From sharing a client’s goals and vision for their health, to assessing their nutrition, to creating plans of actions that produce maximum results for the long-term, Cotton is on a mission to make a true difference one meal at a time. Cotton believes in a non-diet approach centered on mindful eating.

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