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Clear the Clutter the Feng Shui Way

Oct 01, 2019 03:00AM ● By Zach Davey

by Linda Adams

Feng Shui Design is a holistic lifestyle approach to maximize the “Chi” flow of your spaces. The first principle is creating a clutter-free environment. There are 3 types of clutter that keep us from moving forward, bogging us down and distracting us from our full potential: emotional clutter, dirty clutter, and stuff clutter.

Emotional clutter: Hanging on to our past, thoughts, or ideas, or remembering events that were unpleasant, which we tend to relive in our minds like an old movie. This can be the most challenging clutter to eliminate and the one that takes the longest to resolve. It takes practice to build the habit of stopping negative thoughts when they accrue. To begin clearing emotional clutter, eliminate items from your space that trigger old wounds and negative emotions.  

Dirty Clutter: The accumulation of dust, dirt and grime that settles into a home from normal everyday living.  Light switches, baseboards, and fans are areas that are overlooked yet easily taken care of. “Magic Erase” is a great product to have on hand for removing dirt and grime from your walls and baseboards. Keep your windows and screens cleaned to let as much natural lighting in as possible.

Stuff Clutter: The accumulation of too many things. Reduce junk drawers to just one making it easier to maintain. Sort your objects and organize with dividers to quickly find items. Sort and delete old emails often. If you haven’t read it in a month, you likely don’t need it. Old emails take up room in your computer and on your mind. Go through your home or space and sell, donate, or give away books and magazines, clothes and trinkets that you no longer need, use or like. Clothes you are waiting to fit into cause stress and are a reminder of goals not yet reached.             

Make a plan and set a goal for clearing the clutter. Start at the front entrance of your space. Pick up each item in question and ask: Is this a reflection of who I am at this moment, conveying my uniqueness and desires? Does this Item make me happy or does it remind me of someone or something negative? Once you start this process of cleaning and clearing everything that no longer serves you, you will begin to enjoy the benefits. You will become more focused, and clear about your needs and desires. You will feel lighter, and more inspired to live a healthier lifestyle.     

Linda C. Adams licensed Interior Designer and Feng Shui practitioner, with over 30 years’ experience she has created many beautiful spaces, reflecting her clients’ individuality and personal style.     

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