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Mind-Body Weight Loss Program in Vero Beach

Indian River Acupuncture and Functional Medicine is now offering a mind-body weight loss program aptly named Metamorphosis. “This transformational program is best for people who have at least twenty pounds to lose and have failed other diet plans,” says Amanda Milian, AP, DOM. Metamorphosis is supervised by Milian, who struggled for twenty years with emotional eating and unsuccessful dieting and has now lost 50 pounds and 20 inches in 100 days. As the practitioner and personal coach of Metamorphosis, Milian is excited to help patients share the same success in their journey from weight-loss to wellbeing.

Key tenets of Metamorphosis include weekly Neuro-Emotional Technique and acupuncture treatments to correct the underlying emotional and metabolic stressors that contribute to weight gain and prevent weight loss, the fat-burning natural supplement homeopathic hcg, and a specific food plan and lab testing to address any nutritional factors blocking progress. “The program is safe, time-tested and yields results,” says Milian. “On average, participants lose 15-20 pounds a month during the weight loss phase of the program. To keep weight off, the lock-in phase helps create a metabolic set point at the new weight which can easily be maintained with healthy diet.”

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