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Children’s Book Shares the Importance of Love

Author, Kasey Claytor was inspired to write her new children’s book, Pinky and the Magical Secret He Kept Inside, while replacing the stuffing of her childhood toy. This book is a charming tale of the love one little girl has for her stuffed toy dog, Pinky, and how Pinky wanted nothing more than to be the best loved of all the stuffed animals. In this endearing story Pinky learns just how important his love is.

When Claytor was five years old her grandmother gave her a stuffed dog and she loved it right away. She dreamt Pinky and all her other stuffed animals snuck out at midnight, while she was asleep, arriving at a barn where all the stuffed animals had come for awards. She watched as Pinky won the most prestigious one and the toys in charge of the ceremony sewed the medal inside Pinky’s stuffing.

“Who's to say our sweet stuffed animals aren't real beings? Who's to say they aren't infused with the same God force that enlivens us?” says Claytor. “This book is for all ages from 5 to 95 and beyond.”

Kasey Claytor is an author of six books, fiction and non-fiction, an investment advisor, and an instructor of meditation and Ayurveda. For more information visit, Her books can be found on