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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

New Authentic Healing Experience in Melbourne

Trisha Schmalhofer, LMT, is pleased to offer an authentic healing experience to help those who feel disconnected, overwhelmed, overly sensitive or exhausted and are looking for a breakthrough.

Schmalhofer offers a free phone or video consultation. Afterward she develops the patient’s personal program to cater to their specific needs. She has many resources in her toolbox to guide her client’s transformation in the areas of health, career, relationships, or other life challenges. “I can help you reawaken your potential; learn new tools to reconnect to your inner wisdom; heal physical, mental or emotional pain; bring dreaming, magic and miracles back into your life; connect with nature and sense the guiding messages all around you; and establish a plan of action to redirect the flow of your life towards your soul purpose,” says Schmalhofer.

These therapies, activities and readings that may be included in your individualized one-on-one intensive include craniosacral therapy, reiki energy medicine, massage therapy, shamanic visionseeking, soul realignment readings, spirit guide coaching, light oracle reading, business brainstorming, health intuitive guidance, meditation/visualization, journaling, creative expression and breathwork.

Schmalhofer has over 20 years’ experience as a licensed massage and craniosacral therapist. She is an Amazon #1 bestselling author, speaker, advanced reiki practitioner and teacher, Soul Realignment Practitioner, health intuitive and life guide mentor.

For more information or a free consultation, call 772-559-1993 or visit Located in Melbourne.