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Health and Life Coaching Available in Rockledge

Melissa and Patrick Gallant, owners of Etheria Wellness, are pleased to offer health coaching and life coaching, as well as mind and spirit events, classes and retreats.

Their health coaching programs are disease specific and client centered. “Whether you have diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain or need to lose weight, we help you to find solutions that will work for you, because they are designed for you,” says Melissa Gallant, RN.

Life coaching gets you back on track and helps you to fulfill your life vision. Life coaching can provide support in many areas including relationships, career, recovery, lifestyle, health and finances. “My coaching program is mindfulness based. We start by building momentary awareness and continue by using this awareness to inspect the areas of your life that cause you pain and unhappiness,” says Patrick Gallant.

Etheria Wellness also offers guided meditations, meditations groups, mindfulness classes, Tai chi, and qigong classes, sound healing and reiki.

“We have reached a point in our evolution that we no longer need to exist at the surface, pretending happiness, faking it till we make it,” says Patrick Gallant. “We all have the ability through direct experience to become truly fulfilled, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Etheria Wellness was founded as a conduit to that experience, with a directive to connect, inform, and sustain.”

Etheria wellness is located at 1037 Pathfinder Way in Rockledge. For more information, call 850-819-4736 or visit