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Treasure Coast Author Releases New Book

Laverne Moore-Slaughter is proud to announce the release of her book God Encounters are Real. In God Encounters, Moore-Slaughter tells how the gift of, what some might call, a sixth-sense has not only enriched her life through connecting with those she brings messages to but also how her gift has brought her closer to her God. In her book she shares intimate stories of her real-life experiences of receiving messages from God, that were often clearly meant for someone else, and how she dealt with sharing these messages with those whom were meant to benefit from them; often times complete strangers.   

When asked by those receiving the information how Moore-Slaughter knows the message is meant for them she has come-up with a standard answer, "I cannot explain it, it's God's business. It's not about me, it's all about Him. I don't consider myself a psychic or medium. These messages just happen and I feel compelled to share them.” She goes on to explain, “This book is a compilation of some of my personal encounters with God. It was written to inform the skeptics, the believers and nonbelievers and those who are not sure what to believe when it comes to the unexplainable.”

Visit or email [email protected] to purchase the book. It is also available on Amazon. 

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