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NAU Physical Therapy Assists with Weight Loss

Dr. Sokunthea (Sukie) Nau, DPT and owner of Nau Physical Therapy is pleased to offer physical therapy services for injuries and other conditions. He has been a physical therapist for 11 years and has seen the impact weight gain can have on the body’s joints. According to Dr. Nau, if a person stops exercising and working out, but still eats the same, they will gain weight. This can be common side effect of an injury or surgery that limits mobility during recovery. “When someone gains one pound, that puts four pounds more of force on each knee which causes more knee pain,” says Dr. Nau.

When this occurs, Dr. Nau treats the knee and the patient with hands-on modalities so they can exercise more. “Usually I modify their diet along with a little detox,” says Dr. Nau. “Patients lose weight because of modifications to their diet. Their pain may have been associated with inflammation, which can be triggered by eating the wrong kinds of foods.”

“Combining physical therapy and diet modification is a simple and effective way to lose weight with long and lasting results,” says Dr. Nau. “I’ve had patients lose weight, gain endurance and lessen their pain utilizing physical therapy.”

Nau Physical Therapy and Wellness, 8509 S US Highway 1, Port Saint Lucie. For more information or to ask about a free discovery session, call 772-380-4549 or visit

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