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Adventure Travel to Exotic and Local Destinations

Apr 01, 2019 09:49PM

Cody Bliss, co-founder and director of Beyond the Map, is pleased to offer adventure travel opportunities. Beyond the Map designs and leads travelers across the world to locations near and far. A few years ago, while enjoying his career as a coral reef researcher Bliss was presented with the prospect of entering the world of eco-tourism. Bliss explains, “The mission was simple: to share this big, beautiful world with others in the most unique and authentic way we could create.”  Since then, Bliss and his leadership team have led travelers to places such as Iceland, Peru, Costa Rica and New Zealand, as well as closer to home Utah, Oregon, North Carolina and even Florida. Beyond the Map travelers experience vacationing outside the usual tourist destinations and instead visit local villages, walk jungle paths leading to hidden ruins and enjoy other unique encounters.

“We believe travel is more than a vacation but rather a transformative experience. An opportunity to grow, to challenge your beliefs and abilities while also gaining a better understanding of the world around you,” says Bliss.

Beyond the Map offers all-inclusive, custom made trips for small groups and individuals. They design experiences for groups of student, friends and families, clubs, religious organizations, corporate retreats and more.

“No experience is needed, and all are welcomed,” says Bliss. “Join us to discover what lies beyond your map.”

For more information, Contact Cody at [email protected] or 724-757-6474 or visit 

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