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Solving the Weight Gain Mystery

Jul 03, 2018 03:17PM ● By Deborah DeMarta, MD

Unintentional weight gain, putting on weight without increasing your intake of food or decreasing your activity, is often due to hormonal changes. These changes could be a result of menopause, hypothyroidism, increased cortisol, or other autoimmune conditions. A weight-loss resistance or plateau may be caused by an overload of toxins in the body or a micronutrient deficiency.

Blood tests can reveal hormone imbalances, thyroid disorders, or other autoimmune conditions which can be addressed with bioidentical hormones, medication, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Toxins can disrupt the endocrine system which includes our thyroid, adrenals, and other glands that regulate metabolism, sleep, mood, and other bodily functions. Thyroid hormones, cortisol, and sleep can all play a major role in weight gain or loss. Toxins cause inflammation and stress the immune system making us more susceptible to autoimmune disorders, other chronic diseases, colds and allergies. Providing support to help the body flush toxins as well as lifestyle changes that will reduce the intake of toxins can help restore the body’s balance and overall wellness.

Nutritional imbalances and micronutrient deficiencies are common with American diets that are low in vital nutrients like magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A. Most of us have low vitamin D levels and are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids. These supplements can reduce inflammation and help control blood sugar levels. A nutrient-based treatment can help reset metabolism and balance body chemistry. Consuming vital nutrients can help burn fat, stabilize hormones, balance blood sugar and build and maintain muscle.

Deborah DeMarta, MD, FACS, FAARFM, is a colorectal surgeon and Functional Medicine specialist. The Institute of Colorectal Health & Wellness is located at 218 Atlanta Avenue, in Stuart. For more information, call 772-539-9556 or visit