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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Magical Transformation Classes in Stuart

Ralph Peirson and Sophie Ledeme, owners of Magical Transformation, are pleased to introduce a variety of classes, workshops, and individual instruction that will enhance personal, inner, and spiritual development for life enrichment. Classes this month include Learn the Dynamics of Effective Prayer which will be held on July 11 and 25, and a 4-week Crystal Ball workshop beginning on July 28 where participants can learn to choose, use and store crystal balls.

Sophie Ledeme is a life-success consultant, teaches essential astrology, and handcrafts charming necklaces. She holds a Master’s degree and is certified in life and wellness coaching, spiritual counseling, healthy relationships, healing affirmations, and relaxation techniques. She is an ordained minister. “My knowledge of astrology is a valuable asset for people to better understand themselves and find direction in their life,” says Ledeme.

Ralph Peirson has extensive knowledge from years of study and guided inner development. He is an initiate of the Fraternitas Rosae Crucis (since 1977) and a priest in the Imperial Order of The Magi (since 1990). Both are arcane brotherhoods dedicated to esoteric instruction and practices for the attainment of spiritual consciousness. These teachings have been unknown to the general public. “World conditions and the mass of misinformation that floods all media make it necessary to bring some of these concealed teachings to those who are ready and able to understand,” says Peirson.

For more information, call Ralph Peirson: 772-634-7065 or Sophie Ledeme: 772-263-0230 and to view additional class offerings visit