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Organic Mattresses Available in Vero Beach

Diane DiLeo, manager of Mattress haven Organics in Vero Beach, is pleased offer organic mattresses that she feels are as comfortable as name-brand foam mattresses.

“Most mattresses are made with polyurethane foam, and almost all polyurethane is derived from petrochemicals,” says DiLeo. “These chemicals emit volatile organic compounds that can cause respiratory problem, skin irritation, hormone fluctuations and many more side effects. Many mattresses also off-gas formaldehyde, which can build up in the blood and cause debilitating illnesses. And then there is the required-by-law flame-retardant material, that contains chemicals known to cause cancer and nervous system disorders.”

True organic mattresses (not “green-washed”) contain GOTS certified upholstery, such as organic cotton, the fire-retardant layer is usually hypo-allergenic sheep wool, and the support materials usually contain latex, which is purified and hypo-allergenic, even for people with latex sensitivity.

“Latex is cooler to sleep on than memory foam, has a two-way support, and contours to the body for a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep. It is also 300 times more resistant to dust mites, another worry for allergy sufferers,” states DiLeo, adding, “These mattresses cost about the same as famous name brand memory foam mattresses, too, so anyone in the market for a new mattress should put organic on their list of mattresses to investigate when shopping for a new mattress.”

Mattress Haven Organics pop-up store is located in Vero Beach and is open any day of the week by appointment. 772-696-0343. 

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