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3 Herbal “E’s” for Cold and Flu Season

Oct 01, 2017 12:50PM ● By Laura Olson

As we notice daylight change and the evening temperature drop a few degrees, we feel Fall upon us. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones excited for the cooler months ahead; bacteria, viruses, and microbes take advantage of the cooler temperatures as well. Scientists have determined that as our environment cools, so does our internal temperature, lowering our immune system, and providing the perfect situation for cold, flu, and upper-respiratory infections to take over. Being armed with some simple facts, plus a healthy diet and lifestyle, can get you and your family through the season, unscathed.

Echinacea is first on the list for good reason. Echinacea is backed by years of scientific studies on its efficacy as an immune-stimulant and beginning-phase anti-bacterial. Additionally, it aids in inflammation reduction, resistance to disease, treats fungal infections and a long list of various micro-organisms. Echinacea is a great remedy to avoid getting sick this season and will speed recovery if taken in the very beginning of a cold, flu, or upper-respiratory infection. It is safe for all ages and pregnancy, but is not recommended for those with auto-immune diseases.

Elderberry is a widely popular herbal remedy for effectively treating upper-respiratory infections, colds, the flu, sore throat, and supporting the immune system during infection. Often misused as a remedy to avoid sickness, Elderberry is a potent anti-microbial and can be safely used by all ages during an illness.

Elecampane is a potent remedy for cough and chest congestion, yet gentle enough for children. Its numbing action and antimicrobial nature, makes it a choice remedy for sore throats, wet cough, aching lungs, upper-respiratory infections, and its powerful medicinal actions are able to treat even drug-resistant respiratory infections. Elecampane is not recommended for use during pregnancy or nursing.

Laura Olson, Native Herbologist and owner of euFLoria healing LLC, organically grows and offers chemical-free, potent, herbal remedies for the whole family. For more information, call 772-418-2200 or visit

Author’s Note: Always do your own research; herbal medicine is not FDA approved and is used at your own risk.

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