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6 Surprising Things About Human Growth Hormone

Sep 01, 2017 11:59AM ● By Diane Chasick

1) Human Growth Hormone (hGH) is a 191 amino acid, single chain peptide hormone manufactured in the pituitary. It is necessary to keep muscles strong, organs healthy and sustain energy.

2) Our growth hormone starts to decline in our mid-twenties. By middle age we’ve lost 85% of our growth hormone.

3) Without sufficient levels of growth hormone our body produces less collagen so our skin gets thinner and more wrinkled, we have less hyaluronic acid which holds the water in the cells, and less glutathione which cleans pollution from the cells and reduces oxidation.

4) The synthetic form of hGH which is prescribed by doctors, frequently runs upwards of $15,000 year and must be delivered via injection. Unfortunately, despite the benefits of synthetic hGH, these injections come with a variety of risks. Many fear this synthetic form of hGH may upset natural production of your own growth hormone.

5) Your pituitary can be stimulated to make more of your own growth hormone naturally if you provide the right amount of amino acids at the right time. It can also produce enough over time to increase libido, muscle mass, energy and stamina. You may lose weight, wrinkles and that middle age droop.

6) Dr. Mehmet Oz, renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, professor, and television personality said, “I’ve been looking for ways of increasing hGH naturally because I don’t like getting the injections.” Dr. Oz referenced a study which showed that an oral amino acid compound was capable of increasing bioactive, serum (blood) growth hormone levels by an eight-fold mean in men and women.

So there may be a natural Fountain of Youth after all!

For more information about hGH, call Diane Chasick at 321-480-9448 or visit

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